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We are required by law to provide you this notice about how we plan to use and share your health information. Based on your request for testing, we plan to use and share your health information provided in compliance with the HIPAA guidelines. It is your right to have your personal health information to be used for purposes only for which it is intended and to be shared to fulfill your request accordingly. The Privacy Rule allows provider to use and disclose protected health information. Your permission (authorization) is necessary before your health records are shared for any other reason.

The law requires us to ask you to state in writing that you received the notice. But you are not required to sign. Signing does not mean that you have agreed to any special uses or disclosures (sharing) of your health records. Refusing to sign the acknowledgement does not prevent a provider or plan from using or disclosing health information as HIPAA permits but we must keep a record this fact.

You have your privacy rights, including the right to complain to Health and Human Services and to the organization if you believe your privacy rights have been violated. For details visit the HHS website. You may view this policy at our website, any time.